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What we’re about

Not long ago my wife Rachel and I had a paradigm shift. Despite both having successful careers we found ourselves becoming increasingly dissatisfied and frustrated. Dissatisfied with the mundane status quo and frustrated with the lack of fulfillment from not living our lives with intention or purpose.

Life is short and we are both in our mid to late thirties. The prospect of grinding for the next 30 years on terms other than our own is something that we are no longer willing to accept and we refuse to die with our passion trapped inside of our souls. It was through this paradigm shift that our passion project, Leaf to Ash Cigar was born.

I’ve yearned most of life for an outlet through which I can add intrinsic value to the world through nurturing and sharing my passion. Cigars have long been my passion and Leaf to Ash Cigar is that outlet. While it is our ultimate dream to grow Leaf to Ash Cigar into a fully established brick and mortar location with a world class walk-in humidor and luxurious speakeasy style lounge, we know that we need to crawl before we walk and we want to let it grow organically into its full potential over time.

What is most important to us is holding steadfast to our values of creating remarkably unique experiences and promoting only the highest quality of products on our shelves. Our approach is one of passion over transaction where our unique curation of cigars blends seamlessly with the one of a kind experience that we create. We are proud to be stewards of this fine industry through education, building relationships and growing the cigar community wherever we roll.

No matter the event or celebration, it is our belief that everything is better with a cigar. Join us!

Grind. Imbibe. Repeat.